Thursday, July 22, 2010

According to my Kindle....

I'm 60% finished reading Youth In Revolt. I didn't think that it would take me this long to read, but then again I didn't realize that the first novel is actually comprised of 3 books.

The books are titled as follows:
Book 1: Youth In Revolt
Book 2: Youth In Bondage
Book 3: Youth In Exile

As far as I can tell, the 3 books were never published as separate books.

Once you're finished reading those books, there are actually other books in the series as well.

They are:
Cut To The Twisp: The Lost Parts Of Youth In Revolt and Other Stories (this book is of content that was edited out of the original book)
Revolting Youth: The Further Journals of Nick Twisp
Young and Revolting: The Continental Journals of Nick Twisp

The series then finishes off with the journal of Nick Twisp's younger brother (his mother is pregnant with him in the first book):
Revoltingly Young: The Journal of Nick Twisp's Younger Brother

I'm working my way as quickly as I can through Youth In Revolt. A lovely, red, Netflix envelope arrived yesterday and is waiting with the film inside. I really can't wait to see this one and see how it compares to the book. As soon as I'm finished reading Youth In Revolt, I will write my review and watch the movie. I will follow up the movie with the rest of the books in the Nick Twisp collection. I didn't think it would happen, but Nick Twisp has definitely got me hooked.

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