Sunday, July 11, 2010


So I've decided to write a blog.... So you're wondering, what have I got to offer you? Well, after countless times of begging my fiancé to wait to see a movie "until I've read the book", I've decided to share my opinion of which is truly better The Book, Or, The Movie. 

In this blog I hope to strike up conversation, and share my opinion as to whether or not the story is captured better in the book, or in Hollywoods adaptation of it. So far, personally, I think the books have got it stacked. 

I invite you to comment on any of my posts and share your opinion as well since my interpretations may differ from your own. I also warn you in advance that my entries may include some spoilers. 

So for all of you literary buffs and movie buffs alike, let's finally find an answer to this "chicken or the egg" argument, and discover which one is better, THE BOOK, OR, THE MOVIE.

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