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Characters in Youth In Revolt by C.D. Payne

I've just finished the book Youth In Revolt by C.D. Payne (review coming soon). If you decide to read the book, one thing you'll notice is that there are a lot of characters in this book. So, to make it easier for you, I've decided to create a post listing some of the characters in the book, and a brief one to two line description of each character. I haven't included all of the characters, since there are so many of them, and haven't put them in any particular order. I hope you find this helpful! 

Nick Twisp - 14 year old, sex-crazed teenaged boy. He is very smart, but gets into all kinds of trouble. The book is written in his words, based on his diary.

Fran├žois - A rebellious and outspoken alter-ego created by Nick. Fran├žois is constantly talking Nick into doing things he shouldn't.

Carlotta - When Nick gets into trouble with the FBI he creates this female alter-ego to help him still live a normal life, even though he is in hiding. Carlotta is sweet, innocent, and dresses like a grandmother. She is sometimes called Carly.

Sheeni Saunders - The object of Nick's affection. A popular girl with strict parents. She uses Nick's admiration for her to her own advantage.

Vijay Joshi - One of the first friends Nick make in Ukiah, a recently immigrated Indian boy who goes to highschool with Nick. He later becomes one of Nick's enemies.

Lefty - Nick's best friend from Oakland. He was at the centre of one of Nick's bigger schemes at the beginning of the novel.

Fuzzy - Nick's best friend in Ukiah. His nick name is Fuzzy because he is very hairy.

Albert - Sheeni is given a very ugly dog (from hell according to Nick). She falls in love with the dog but her parents won't let her keep it. In order to please Sheeni, Nick keeps the dog for her. Sheeni refers to Albert as Nick and her "love child".

Dwayne - Dumb neighbour of Nick Twisp. He later becomes Nick's roommate when Dwayne's mother becomes Nick's father's housekeeper. Nick quite often uses Dwayne's lack of brains to help scam money out of him.

Bruno Modjaleski - The school's star athlete. He, also, is unintelligent and develops a crush on Carlotta (Nick's female alter-ego).

Lacey - Lacey is Nick's father's 19-year-old girlfriend who later dumps Nick's father and becomes Sheeni's brother, Paul's girlfriend.

Mr. Furguson - Nick's mother's extreme communist neighbour. He later moves in with Nick's dad in Ukiah and marries Dwayne's mother.

Jerry - Nick's mother's love interest at the beginning of the book. He is an overweight, unintelligent, horny, truck driver. He later dies of a heart attack, but before he does, he manages to get Nick's mother pregnant.

Wally - Nick's mother's highly intelligent boyfriend after Jerry. He is described in the book as a giant. He gets along with Nick, but is later pushed out of Nick's life by Nick's mother's new love interest.

Paul Saunders - Sheeni's hippy brother. He speaks in riddles, and always seems to know what's coming next for Nick. He later begins to date Nick's father's ex-girlfriend, Lacey.

Lance Wecott - A police officer with the Oakland police. He comes to Nick's house to investigate a break-in, and later ends up dating Nick's mother. He later becomes Nick's step-father.

Heather - Heather lived in the dorms at the French school Sheeni attended, and later became Fuzzy's girlfriend.

Joanie Twisp - Nick's flight attendant sister. She does not get along with her parents, so she does not see them often. She helps Nick out when she can.

Bernice - Nick's assistant in one of his ploys to get Sheeni to move back to Ukiah. Nick met her at Sheeni's dorms, and she helped him by becoming a spy for him, and also carrying through some of Nick's plots.

Taggarty - Sheeni's sexually experienced roommate at the French school she attended. She is a know-it-all and tends to get on Nick's nerves.

Apurva Joshi - Vijay's younger sister. She is beautiful, but must stay true to her indian customs to avoid angering her parents. She helps Nick to make Sheeni jealous. Apurva is in love with Sheeni's ex-boyfriend, Trent.

Sonya - An overweight and unpopular classmate at Nick's highschool in Ukiah. She later becomes obsessed with Trent Preston.

Mrs. Crampton - Dwayne's, slow, mother. Nick's father's housekeeper, and later Mr. Furguson's wife.

Trent Preston - Sheeni's ex boyfriend, and Apurva's current love interest. Nick thinks of Trent as a rival for most of the book. Trent is a poet, good looking and one of the most popular boys at school.

Mrs. Saunders - Sheeni's strict, church-going mother. She is described as "500-years-old".

Mr. Joshi - Apurva and Vijay's strict Indian father. He likes to maintain control of his children's lives, and often threatens to send Apurva to India if she does not behave.

Mario - Joanie's roommate, Kimberly's, boyfriend. He later makes a business deal including Nick.

George Twisp - Nick's negligent father. He is a bit on the alcoholic side, and has very little appreciation for Nick.

Kimberly - Nick's sister, Joanie's roommate. She is studying business, and uses any opportunity to make money. Even going so far as to rent out her couch to Nick for $3.00 a night.

Mrs. De Falco - Fuzzy's mother. She later has an affair with Nick's father which does not end well.

Estelle Twisp - Nick's mother. She worries about Nick, but when Nick is around she is constantly getting her patience tested.

Please feel free to add to the character list if you've read the book! Place the character name and description in a comment.


  1. Youth in Revolt is on my TBR list, so this will definitely be bookmarked for later. Thank you so much for taking the time to actually do this!

    I found your blog on my belated hop through Follow Friday. You have a new follower. <3

    Missy @ Missy's Reads & Reviews

  2. I won't be adding a character since I haven't read the book but I love the way you have broken down each character!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  3. Thank you so much for compiling this list! I have been a huge fan of this book for well over half a decade now and am really grateful that you took the time to write this. Another character you could add is Millie Filbert, Lefty's love interest. While she barely appears at the beginning of the book, she had a much larger role in the uncensored first edition of the book which can be found in C.D. Payne's anthology Cut to the Twisp where she even has a physical relationship with Nick.